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Oakley contracted with me to add three new features to These three new features were product recommendations, Tealium metrics, and a basic content management system. Oakley was in the middle of moving to a more modern e-commerce platform and in the meantime my role was to 'move the financial needle' with these additions.

I interfaced with multiple internal teams at Oakley and 3rd party vendors to complete each feature. I was responsible for all the back-end development and a majority of the front-end work. Each feature was completed on schedule and there was a nice bump in revenues after launch.

I even received a couple 'cheers' from this survey tool we used internally called TinyPulse. Here's one of those 'cheers'.

"Scotty is a real asset to our engineering team; a passionate, seasoned developer, cares about creating amazing products, and is always thinking about how we can improve Oakley Digital. We need more like him on our side, and I'm really bummed to see him go."

Technologies include:

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