Donately Form.js url

Donately Form.js lets you put a secure donation form on any webpage. It can be embedded with only a single line of code and uses a secure connection.

<script src='' data-donately-id='11'></script>

(You can see a live example of this Form.js code embedded at the bottom of this page.)

I proposed the idea of Donately Form.js, the Donately team and I worked out the merits and details of creating such a tool, and we got to work creating it. I handled all the programming - solving multiple challenges in building such a tool and working closely with a UI designer that directed the design and styling.

It is proving a powerful tool - especially for 501(3)(c) organizations that want to accept donations from their main website, but don't have the development team to implement a custom donation form. Additionally, by using Donately Form.js those organizations glean a great deal of metadata about their donors provided by Donately.

Technologies include:

Below is the embedded Form.js. You can try it out, but use a fake credit card number - unless you really want to send me a payment.

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