I’m becoming a Rebel

I’m becoming a Rebel. I’ve joined RebelMail and start November 3rd. I'm joining as a software engineer.

3 months ago

Exactly three months ago, Trever Faden, sent me an email. I was on vacation in New Zealand, and I was almost entirely unplugged. I checked my email 4 times. This was one of those times.

He had stumbled across Handshake.js, he was a JavaScript developer, and he was the co-founder of RebelMail.

RebelMail was making email interactive - without downloading a plugin. In the email he attached a gif. It depicted a shopping cart checkout process - inside an email.

I was thinking “this seems radical” and “how is this possible?”. I wrote back:

Interesting and cool.

I have a lot of passion around email too - I currently work at SendGrid because of my passion for email. There is a lot of ways it could get much better.

I'm currently on vacation in New Zealand. Follow up with me after August 15th. I'm interested in this.

I then went back to checking other emails in my 30 minute time slot and 5mb allowance at Starbucks. (New Zealand does not have ubiquitous WIFI like we are used to in the USA.)

2.5 months ago

Trever shot me a second email when I returned from New Zealand, and we setup a phone call.

Wow. I was impressed. What they were doing was indeed radical, but it was also practical. They were approaching the technology in a calculated and strategic way - starting with simple checkout in email, for the success of the startup.

Trever was inventive, creative, and affably passionate. Further into the call we started bouncing back and forth on long term visions for the technology. We had similar thoughts, and he had things I had not ever thought of. It was exciting.

We went long on that call. I wanted to keep talking to them so we setup another couple calls - another with Trever and one with Trever’s cofounder Joe Teplow.

1-2 months ago

Joe was additionally great to talk to. He had first hand success with building an “email first application” - being the founder of Good St.

I got to go more in depth with Joe around the business strategy, the companies waiting in line to use the technology, and the origin of RebelMail - particularly around how Joe and Trever met.

We did more calls after that. Those led to an in-person dinner and all day coding interview. I liked RebelMail more and more.

I liked the founders - as people.
I liked the technology - because it felt like the future.
I liked the role - because it offered the opportunity to help shape the architecture.

I started contacting friends and mentors. I shared my thoughts, they offered their thoughts, and it helped frame my decision.

1 week ago

Last week was my last week at SendGrid after putting in my resignation 3 weeks prior.

I did not expect to leave SendGrid after only one year. It was one of the best years of my life. I made many good friends, and I grew more, both professionally and personally, in the past year than any other before.

But I am stoked to become a Rebel.

I was fortunate to work for a paradigm changing technology company - SendGrid’s API on top of email literally changed the paradigm of how developers send email.

But now, I have the opportunity to be a part of building out a paradigm changing technology company. We’re starting with checkout in emails, but Trever and Joe’s long term vision for RebelMail is more than that.

I’ll put it this way, in my own words:

We used to develop desktop first applications. Then the world wide web came out, and we started building web first applications. At present, we largely build mobile first applications. Our technology will allow developers and designers in the future to ask themselves “should I build this as an email first application”.

I want to be a part of making that happen. That’s why I’m becoming a Rebel.

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