Favorites: G-Eazy

Last time I wrote a bit about one of my favorites - Double Stuf Oreos. Another of my favorite things is G-Eazy.

I like his music. I like the way his rap has elements of 50s and 60s sounds. He even does a remake of Runaround Sue. I grew up listening to oldies in the backseat of my Father's hotrod. It was the first music I loved. It undoubtably shaped my emotions and thinking. It was a simpler time. G-Eazy's music evokes those 'simpler time' emotions into my life, and I like that.

I like his style. I like the way he wears mostly black. He does it because it's practical - always on the road. But he also does it as a nod to Johnny Cash. Additionally, I like G-Eazy's clean cut look. It's a style that suits me well and that I use as a model.

I like how he's working his way up from the bottom. He's an independent artist. He's been writing music for over 10 years. He's committed to it. I've dabbled in business, in investment, in flying, in programming, and in marketing for my professional career. I've struggled to commit. He's an example for me to work hard and to commit to it.

I'll leave you with some lyrics from Almost Famous.

But still I ask myself
How long does famous last?

Yeah, now I'm almost famous
Still right here with the oldest faces
Swear I came up from the coldest places
Young man gets everything, he goes and chases