A Clockwork Orange

"What's it going to be then, eh?"

I just finished reading A Clockwork Orange. Parts 1,2, & 3 open with this phrase. In the book, it's asked in the context of choosing right or wrong. I ask it to myself now in choosing what my next year holds. (September is always how I perceive the new year)

I probably made as big decisions last year as I ever have in a year.

I have a tendency (less so recently) to defer decisions or let others make them for me. I don't like doing that. This year I did a better job of not doing that and I intend to try and do the same. Some decisions were very hard, and I imagine some of next year's will be as well.

At one point, in A Clockwork Orange, the protagonist looks up into the windows of an apartment complex. Each window glows blue with light of the television. This is contrasted to the recent ultra violence that has gone on in the streets. The middle-class citizenry is apethetic, content, nuetral.

It is easy to fall into a lifestyle like this. I'll keep that in mind.